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Friday, April 23, 2010

This Stuff is Great!

I've been having fun during Layla's nap practicing my harquus art. If you saw my post yesterday, I just got a product from Mehandi.com called Harquus platinum. It is a skin-safe paint that can be used to re-create the Harquus artwork that is done in North Africa. It also works well for creating body art similar to Somali henna designs. It is used with a paintbrush rather than a cone, but the results are amazing and it is pretty easy. The dye that Somali shops use is actually hair dye, and it can cause life-threatening allergic reactions in some cases.

Read more about PPD Black Henna injury here.

These pictures are from my 2nd time trying the product:

The designs were done over a previous henna design near the wrist and gold Temptu paint was used to accent the inside of shapes.

This paint can last up to around a week, but can also be removed with isopropyl alcohol or baby oil if you get tired of it.

I can't wait to try this on some Somali friends so I can see how it turns out on darker skin!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Not exactly a wordless Wednesday, but maybe we can call it tongue-tied Thursday.

A random collection of recent pics:

A henna flower

Look how dark this is!

Temptu harquus used to accent henna. Not the best design (1st try ever), but I love this stuff!
It is black, but 100% safe for your skin.
The henna design underneath has been on for about a week. 

Layla pretending to read Hebrew!

Getting creative to make a fort :-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Triplets are Here!

Remember my Somali friend who has kidney failure and was pregnant with triplets?

She was hospitalized at 26 weeks into the pregnancy so she could receive dialysis 7 days a week. Her doctor's original hope was that she would make it to 30 weeks so that the babies would have a fighting chance.

She defied all statistics and expectations and amazed all the doctors and medical staff. The three boys were born Thursday morning at 32 weeks gestation. The biggest was 3lb 8oz. and the smallest was 3lb 2oz. They have some breathing problems, but should only need to be hospitalized about a month.

I don't have pictures, but InshaAllah I will get some up soon. Laila is doing better now that she is no longer pregnant, but keep up the prayers for her complete healing!

MashaAllah! Haleluyah! I am just amazed at how this has turned out.

The boys' names are Zakariyah, Yahya, and Ayub :-)