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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Road Trip!

Should I be excited about the prospect of driving 28 hrs. in 2 days? My husband and I are driving all the way back to Minneapolis to visit our family there. Are we crazy?

We wanted to fly, buy tickets are insanely expensive. Has anyone else run into that problem this summer? We also looked at taking a train, but the price was even higher than flying!

Looks like we will be stuck driving 2 days straight with this lovely little lady in the car.

If you remember correctly, this is the same drive we did last year, but this time we will have a much less-crowded car. I also think that Layla will be a little better since she is older now. I hope!

Any tips for occupying a little kid for an insanely long drive?

I will definitely bring books and the laptop for DVDs. We also plan on making her run for  15min when we stop for bathroom and gas breaks.

I'm trying to psych myself out and pretend that I'm really excited for the drive itself, when in reality, I'm not!

I am, however, looking forward to seeing my husband's family and all our friends back in Minneapolis, as well as my dear friend Idil who moved all the way to North Dakota. Yes, there are Somalis everywhere!

I am really looking forward to getting Sambusa at my favorite spot, The Cairo grill, as well as getting a couple new skirts at the Somali mall!

I'll post pics of the trip, maybe not until we get back, but I promise to share!

Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 best blog award!

سلام שלום and may Peace be with all my lovely readers:

It hasn't been that long since female Muslim bloggers were a minority in the blogging realm. I think that many of the blogs I read are so inspiring, motivating, and also speak against some of the negative stereotypes against Muslim women.

Sisterswhoblog network and magazine
are in the process of creating an award that will reward some ladies for their hard work, and give them the recognition that they deserve.

Check out the award link and give some feedback to the creators of the award. Before any blogs are awarded, they are looking for feedback as to what categories will be included and what kinds of prizes will be awarded.

Sisterswhoblog Magazine: 2010 Best Blog Award

Don't let your favorite bloggers miss out on a chance to win!

P.S. sorry for the lack of significant updates and comments on everyone's blog! The keyboard on my laptop is still fried, so I am in read-only mode.
Things are going well on my front though :-)