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Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu-Courtesy of the US Government

There is some information circulating that suggests the swine flu that is currently beginning to circulate may be an artificial lab-created mutant virus. It is a virus that contains components of Avian, Human, and Swine viruses. Check out what is being said in this video about this current illness that is spreading. It may have been an experiment that was designed to create chaos in the population to make people more open to having their freedoms taken away to prevent spreading of an epidemic. That may not be what will happen with the current virus, but this may just be a cruel experiment.
Check out the video to get more information:

Peek a boo!

Today we made a tent with Layla's playpen. She had her toys inside and we covered the top of it with a sheet. She kept saying "hi" and waving at me through the mesh. It was fun for awhile, but she eventually got tired of it when she realized that it was a ploy to keep her locked up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mini Hijabi

Layla grabbed a scarf from my drawer and said "hat" "on" and tried wrapping it onto herself. I helped her and this was the result. I think she looks pretty cute in a hijab. Here's one of me wearing the same scarf from a couple months ago.

Miss USA pageant scandal

Surely most of you who read the news will have heard about Miss California's comment on gay marriage when she was asked a question by Perez Hilton. She was asked something to the effect of whether she supported gay marriage as it was passed in California. Apparently she is a Christian (although I don't know why she would feel comfortable wearing a bikini in front of millions), but anyway she answered the question honestly and said that marriage is only for a man and a woman.

She has been bashed all over the news for openly making this comment. So since when is it wrong to hold moral values that have been the norm in most cultures for all of recorded history? I even have some friends from school that are gay, but I don't have to support everything that they do in that subculture. I think its an outrage that someone can't even hold a conservative moral viewpoint anymore without being judged like they are the one doing something wrong. What do you guys think of this story?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventures in mis-pronunciation

Layla and I took a nice walk today in between rainstorms. She got a chance to look at some flowers that I picked for her. After that, whenever we saw dandelions in someone's yard she would say shawee, shawee. For some reason she couldn't say flower. She never seemed to get tired of dropping them and getting new ones out of another yard. Thankfully most of the people where we live don't have chemicalized lawns with no dandelions. I can't figure out why some homeowners hate them so much. We think they're pretty.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

History of the Rothschilds and the Banking System

Most people have very little knowledge of how our own monetary and economic systems work. Its important to understand the modern history of banking and why the average person has very little control over their own economic future. This video series will open your eyes to the inherent corruption in our system.

Layla Eat?

I was trying to think of all the words Layla knows so far for things related to food and drink. There are actually quite a few. Some she can pronounce better than others.

Basic words: Eat, done, more (sign too), naas (Somali for breasts, for nursing of course) and snack=nats

I think she gets the more sign mixed up with just wanting to eat though.

Favorite foods and drinks she knows:


I guess that's about it. She also accents her eating words with yummy, yucky=gucky, and eww. She also says dirt when I sweep up the floor.

Not bad for just turning 18mo. today.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Helper

While I was taking out the trash this morning Layla decided to help me get a new bag for the trash can. She actually went and got a bag herself and was trying to put it in there. Just goes to show that kids pay attention to every little thing you do from a very young age. She also figured out how to climb up into her high chair today when I have left the tray off it. I am just shocked at how quickly she pics these things up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

FEMA camps and graves?

This is from Alex Jones' radio show with some other footage added.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Up, up, and Away

What is it with toddlers and climbing? Layla just started being able to get up on the chairs and couches this week and is already taking it to the extreme. If I don't pay attention for a second, she will be on the top of the couch or standing on one of the end tables. She gets really proud of her efforts too. One of the first times she got to standing on one of the chairs, she stood up really straight and said UP! So sassy. She's also really taking off with repeating words this week and can say almost anything you tell her too. That is, if she feels like doing it. She is so much fun, but its so scary at the same time. What am I going to do when she starts opening the doors?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Umm Omar at Just Another Day...The Juggling act of an American Muslim. For this post I am elaborating about 5 things that I like or don't like about motherhood. Wow, that's something so hard to condense into this form. Becoming a mother is something that you can't really prepare for because each baby comes into this world as an individual with such differering needs and reactions to your care. That said, here are the things I like:

1. Realizing just how much I am capable of loving someone else.
If you think you love your husband, just wait until you see your first baby. Layla reminds me so much of Dave, but so much of myself at the same time, yet she is still completely different from either one of us. Its hard to explain it, but I love her in such a completely different way that I have ever loved anyone else.

2. Growing in my relationship with my own mom.
Since I've been staying with my parents while my husband is deployed, I've really gotten to see generational parenting in action. Now that I am a mother myself, I feel like I really can conceptualize how much my own parents have cared and made sacrifices for us. I also get to see how much joy it brings my mom to be around Layla every day. It also gives me a level of closeness to strive for with my own kids.

3. I'm never bored
Really honestly, I have never been bored for a single day since Layla was born. She was very demanding and high-need from her birth, but also developed her social skills very quickly. The early months were frustrating at times with the nearly constant nursing and lack of sleep at night, but I have really enjoyed every day I have been able to spend with her. Now that she's turning into a feisty toddler, I have thousands of chances to play funny games and laugh at her antics every day. This also means that all the running keeps me in pretty good shape.

Here are two things I would have to say I dislike.

4. How fast kids grow up
I would hear parents complain that kids grew up too fast when I was one myself, but now I'm starting to realize how true that is. It still seems like yesterday that I first found out I was pregnant, and now I have a climbing, running, 17mo old on my hands. Its a little depressing to think that Layla will want to do more things on her own and not need me so much, but its also such a blessing to watch her mind develop and learn new things every day. I just want to make the most of my kids potential during those crucial early years.

5. Lack of consistent sleep
Yes, I am still struggling with this one. First of all, I am an extremely light sleeper, so I am a part of the problem. When Layla was born she was mostly nocturnal for the first few weeks. On top of that, she only slept about 30-45 min at a time during the first few mos and also screamed a lot if something didn't feel quite right. Right now she still wakes up a couple times during the night and is going through a phase where she likes to nurse all morning long, therefore ruining my last couple hours of sleep. Oh well, I shouldn't complain since I have the fortune of staying home with her instead of going to work a 9-5 on very little sleep.

Well that was fun. Next I will tag Bri from Little Green Pastures and Tammy/Amina from Tammy's Somali Home.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Layla the insomnia cure

After wasting lots of time online last night I finally made it to bed around 1 am. That's pretty late when you have a kid who usually wakes you up a couple times during the night and also gets up by 8:30 or so. So after going to bed late I wasn't able to sleep for some reason. I found myself wanting to hold Layla, who had been sleeping nicely in her crib for about 4 hours by this point. I finally decided to go get her and bring her to bed with me, where she just stirred a bit and then went back to sleep. She still woke up a couple times early in the morning though. Somehow I think its gonna be hard to wean her off sleeping with mommy by the time husband gets back next month though. Oh well, she's only little for so long. I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

She is sleeping in the picture with her Twinkle bonding doll that she got from Bri at Little Green Pastures. She talks to her doll sometimes too ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Obama Deception

Everyone needs to watch this ASAP.


This is just the trailer, but I will also include the link for the full version.
Watch and learn how to protect your own freedom before its too late.