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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Pacifier Queen. . .

A pic from the same trip as the sleepless wedding
I definitely didn't plan to have a daughter who still uses a pacifier at almost 3. In fact, I didn't want to give her a pacifier at all.

Basically the problem started when she wanted to nurse literally almost every 30 min. all night long, and I couldn't get any sleep. The pacifier bought me at least a couple hours of sleep at a time, which made the difference for me in those early months.

Over the months, it became something we used to allow my husband to put Layla to bed and a convenience for me at night and in the car.

I realized how severely addicted she was to the thing when I took her to a Somali friend's wedding in Dec. 2008. She was a little over a year old at the time. I forgot the pacifier at the family's house, so she went without it until 5 am. Somali weddings are very late affairs! She would normally go to sleep around 9pm, but on this night, she literally stayed awake until 5am. I tried nursing her to sleep in one of the girls' rooms at the hotel. It didn't work. I tried walking with her in the Moby wrap, it didn't work. I tried getting her to suck her thumb, it didn't work. She didn't cry much that night as long as I held her, she just wouldn't go to sleep.

We've tried taking the paci away a few times. All of them resulted in her being awake way past her bedtime and me eventually giving up.

Fast forward to today: I bought Layla a Dora comforter for a birthday gift to give her next week. We planned to give it to her and have her trade the pacifier for it. We started talking to her about it tonight to start preparing her mind. She immediately ran upstairs and said, "I want to throw my binky away, I want a Dora blanket." I couldn't convince her otherwise, so I decided to do the switch tonight.
I think the husband wanted to wait until last week to do the switch, so I'm not sure he'll be a lot of help during the night.

So far its 1hr past the time I put her to bed, and she is still awake. She has gone to the bathroom once and asked for cuddles and water twice. She also asked to nurse even though she has been weaned for a few months now. There wasn't any milk, so that didn't last long :-)

Pray that I at least get a little sleep tonight!

At least I don't have anywhere to be early tomorrow morning.