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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back again (hopefully for good)!

Hello out there! (if there's anyone still reading)

I know that I keep doing this, but I really do miss blogging and the little informal community that developed out of it. Can I keep updating regularly this time? I'm going to give it one more try!

So, what's new with me you might ask? Layla is finally getting a sibling, who should be born in mid to late January, and documenting the end of my pregnancy as well as birth and the early days of his life is a big motivator for starting this again.

In that vein, expect a lot of posts on pregnancy exercise, midwifery, and how to take care of baby on a student budget. I am also finishing my MA in Biblical Studies this year, so there will be a fair amount of posts related to my studies as well.

With all that said, here is a picture of me yesterday, at 30 weeks with baby number two:

Here's to staying in touch!