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Monday, August 25, 2008

Door to door salesman

So Layla and I were sitting outside after just getting back from a short walk when I noticed a strange car very slowly driving down the block. There was a young man driving this older model light blue Corolla. I watched as he came back up the street and parked in front of my neighbor's house, all while I was on the phone with Amanda. My neighbor had just been outside with her two grandkids, but wisely decided to go back inside as this guy slowly made his way back up the street.

He walked up to their house with some sort of book in hand, but alas, they did not open the door. I rightly figured that I would be his next prey. Quite humorously, he moved his car less than the length of one house so it is closer to my driveway. Next this guy walkd up as I'm on the phone, and just as he was about to speak I interrupted him, "So are you trying to sell me something?" He sort of mumbled no, introduced himself as a university student Jack (pronounced Yaak) from Estonia, which is also embroidered on his shirt. He says in a very generic European accent ( I think it was fake) that he has been meeting all the "cool kids and cool parents in the neighborhood" and proceeds to even drop some names, asking me if I know the people. I reply that I don't know them because I don't actually live here, I'm just visiting with my parents. So anyway, he continued and said that he would like to introduce me to some educational materials that he is marketing. I cut him off and say "It was nice to meet you Yaak, but I need to get back to my phone call, so maybe you can tell me another time." He walked off without another word.

I am not a fan of people marketing products door to door. They try to unfarily take advantage of people home with young children. They will talk to you for half an hour, then you will buy something out of guilt for wasting their time. Don't take the bait! If these people have any intelligence, they are paid by the hour anyway.

By the way, Layla is also feeling better today. She only had to take her Tylenol 2x all day!

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