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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Layla Eat?

I was trying to think of all the words Layla knows so far for things related to food and drink. There are actually quite a few. Some she can pronounce better than others.

Basic words: Eat, done, more (sign too), naas (Somali for breasts, for nursing of course) and snack=nats

I think she gets the more sign mixed up with just wanting to eat though.

Favorite foods and drinks she knows:


I guess that's about it. She also accents her eating words with yummy, yucky=gucky, and eww. She also says dirt when I sweep up the floor.

Not bad for just turning 18mo. today.


ModestJustice said...

Asalamu Alaikum :D

Aww Layla's such a cutie, masha'allah. I'm pretty sure my first words were incomprehensible to my parents. And my accent when I try to speak somali is the subject of laughter amongst my them...

Anyway I know this seems pretty random, but your fluency in Somali is amazing masha'allah. I'm not so skilled in my parents 'native' tongue.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Wa Alaykum Assalaam sister. I notice that the Somali kids have a harder time speaking Somali than I do because they are worried about their accent. Their families are also a lot harder on them when they make mistakes. With me on the other hand they just brag and make me talk to all their friends on the phone. I love Somalis so much! Even if you don't speak good Somali I hope you learn how to cook your food to perfection. I could really go for some Sambusa at the moment ;)

ModestJustice said...

Now you've got me hungry!
Thank God we have a somali restaurant in the area. Fresh Sambusas!!! I hope I don't mess them up when my mother finally lets go of the stove hehe.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Now I am definitely craving Sambusa! I should make some and post pics of Layla eating them. Either that or I will get some when I go back to MPLS in a month. They're so much work to make.