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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Memories of Mothers' Day Past

Today is my second Mothers' Day. So far it has been much better than the first one. The picture here is not from Mothers' day, but it was taken less than a month before that when we were visting friends in San Diego. See how fat (and bald) Layla was then!

So anyway, the hubby thought it would be nice to take me out for Ethiopian food. Great idea. We didn't have anyone around that we trusted to watch Layla, but we figured she would be good if she nursed and got a nap first. Let's just say that we were very wrong.

We went to the Blue Nile on Franklin in Minneapolis. I think that Fasika is better, but we felt like trying a new place that day. The food came fairly quickly, with Layla acting pretty normal to that point. However, as soon as I tried to start eating, she erupted with bloodcurdling screams.
We had to take turns standing and bouncing her while the other one of us ate. Romantic it was not. I think we were in and out in less than a half hour. It was agonizing.

Since then, I've had lots of other horrible scream fests in restaurants with my darling. For some reason she just hates eating out most of the time. She's just now getting to the age where she doesn't just scream the whole time for no reason.

Today has been great and relaxing so far. I've gotten lots of happy mothers' day texts from friends, my dad cooked breakfast for my mom and I, and I got to talk to my hubby on the phone. He's going to be back with us in about 2 weeks! I'm so excited.

So here's to many more Mothers' Days and good Ethiopian food.


Mistika said...

I just came across your blog very nice!

Organica said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Ahavah said...

Layla is absolutely adorable just as she is...

Lisa said...

Oh Minneapolis! Dad grew up in Monticello, Grandparents had a Crosslake Cabin near Brainerd, we still have relatives in Hibbing, Brooklyn Park. I aboslutely LOVE it over there.

Mashallah it also sounds like a really good community. We don't have any Ethiopian places out here, and I would love it.

It is hard at this age to keep kids from throwing tantrums in restaurants. I think you are brave to try, the bright lights seem to get to them. I was always so excited for it, but once you got there, you were disappointed. Unfortunately you almost have to purposefully tire out the kids, and THEN go.

Your dad is awesome! That is sweet, and I'm glad your husband is returning soon. I can't imagine being alone for long without him, mashallah you never complain sweetie! Love you and so nice to see you enjoying Mother's Day!

Umm Omar said...

Oh, I so know what you are talking about. The last time we ate out at a restaurant, we ended up asking for to-go boxes as soon as the food arrived because Omar would not sit in his seat! AAH! Anyway, Happy (belated) Mother's Day!
p.s. I see now where Layla gets her good looks from! ;)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Aww thanks Umm Omar for the nice complement.

Lisa, I hope that you make it back to Minnesota sometime. I love it there during the summers, but we are going to be moving to Portland, OR because the winters got to be too much for us.
My husband will be back with us within the week InshaAllah, which is also right around our anniversary.
Now that's a good mother's day present too!

We will also have more times eating out with Layla, so that should be fun.