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Monday, June 29, 2009

Yesterday's fun

Yesterday was an interesting day for the husband and I. We went to Office Max and finally found a desk that we liked and also ordered some bookcases that matched. We were able to take the bookcase home, while the bookcases will be delivered sometime next week.

When we got home I put Layla to sleep, then set out to get a few groceries while he put the desk together. He does read directions, but prefers to be left alone while working on things like that. I took my time at the store, then went to this weird little store that I had noticed before called Every Day Deals. It was so weird. It was like a wonderland of dented cans and boxes, discontinued brands and packaging, and slightly expired food. I was lured in by the $1 cantaloupes on their signboard.

I did find a decent cantaloupe, two boxes of blueberries for $1 (some were moldy), and a few boxes of discontinued cereal. One of them expired last month, but for cereal that's just fine in terms of usability. My mom would always take expired stuff from the health food store she worked at while I was home, so it doesn't freak me out. Basically, meat and milk are only good a day or two past the date, but grains, nuts, and other non perishables won't hurt you, they will just not be as good in flavor or texture.

When I got home the hubby still wasn't done with the desk. It took him about 6 frustrating hours in all, but at least I have somewhere to sit as I type this. Our bed should be delivered Wednesday, and we just need to find a couch of some decent sort. I still want to do the majlis someday, but unfortunately, it is looking to be a little too expensive right now. ;(

Last night we also ordered a Berkey water filter from Pleasant Hill Grain, which will pay for itself in a little over a year. Then I ordered some training pants for Layla from Sammis Corner.

Layla has been going on the potty sometimes, so I am hoping to have her done by the time she is 2. Wish me luck! She is still talking like crazy and craves constant attention. We will have to do just a post on her later.

I am loving Portland so much!


Safiyyah said...

I remember back in the day when we bought the furniture from the store all put together :)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Safiyyah, Yeah those were the days. You can, but real wood furniture that's already put together seems to cost over $2000 now just for one piece. Its crazy!

NeverEver said...

Wow, I love the feeling of an empty space being filled by things that you really really enjoy!

I'm hoping that everything goes smoothly, inshaAllah and that you end up with a place that makes you really really happy to be in!

Also so glad to hear that you are loving portland!! My uncle does business there a lot and he just loves it. He is thinking of moving there soon.

Heather said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I hope you come back again.

So, what languages do you work with? English is my first language, but I'm also fluent in Spanish, and I play with Farsi as a side hobby. I know a few words and standard greetings, and I can read it (just don't ask me to translate!). I can write it, too, but since my vocab is so limited, writing takes about 30 seconds. : )

I just posted about wearing niqab and some of my experiences in day-to-day life while wearing it. Please check it out, if you're interested.

Lisa said...

Fun times with desks and putting things together. Even kids toys are tough these days to figure out, and they're so worried about stealing that they make it hard on us parents.. You reminded me of Youssef's Ikea dresser that is staring at me in an unopened box :)

That Berkey water filter sounds wonderful. We have Sparklett's and it more than pays for itself....

The Every Day Deals place sounds awesome!

Good luck with potty training, I know it will get easier with every day. The potty books are awesome. Love you and glad everything is going well!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Thanks for the nice wishes and any duas. Let me know if you ever visit Portland and we could always get coffee or something. I'm sure I would like you in real life too ;)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I studied Biblical Hebrew and Greek and Arabic in college. I have also done some Modern Hebrew, but I am not fluent in any of those languages. I can speak some Spanish, but the only language that I am completely fluent in is Somali. I could probably go farther with the Hebrew and Arabic, so I am trying to start working on both of those again.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

You better get on that dresser for Youssef. I like Ikea too. We might be going there soon to look for a futon.
We got the water filter up and running and it is great. It doesn't use any electricity either, which is awesome!
I went back into Every Day Deals yesterday and got some more dented cereal boxes.
Potty training is full of setbacks now, Layla just goes in her pants and then says "potty," but I have faith that she will figure it out soon. The only thing you can count on with kids is that they are always changing. Throwing you for a loop. I love it!

Mona said...

I actually like putting furniture together, it's kind of a fun project you can be proud of. That store sounds interesting, We used to have this Entenmans(sp?) store that had stuff that was almost gonna expire that we'd get stuff from!

I've heard Portland is a great place to live, mashaAllah.