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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Steve and Paula Runyan: LAB ORIGINS OF THE 2009 NOVEL SWINE FLU

Check out the video. This is a contrived pandemic that was created in a lab. Why? I'm not exactly sure, but I would definitely not get a vaccine. Pandemics like this one can be used to create mass-hysteria and gain more effective control of a populace.

Check out this other one about a swine flu conference in Wash. DC that wasn't discussed in the major media.


angie nader said...

i dont think i will be a getting a shot even though i work into a hospital...i'm not sure about the 1st video because i'm a fact person..and i have to visually see the facts..
the 2nd person. well i was pausing the video and reading in between the lines...and i was really taken by the ending when he was talking about the children..and acting like they were going to put children in camps..or take ur kids away..if u pause it and read the last minute..u will see that he is conveying something completly different than what is written..bcz it states to effectivly communicate with staff and parents....and just yeah...read whats really written..this guy is twisting things to cause hysteria.

i have gotten flu shots perviously..but ive decided to stop getting them because i dont know exactly whats in them. so im all for people being responsible for their own bodies...what im not for..is people manipulating things right in front of us like we are very stupid. always research the researcher :)

angie nader said...

so i was a little confused by this,...and then i had to watch it again...i know im crazy like that..lool
anyways the whole 2nd video basically is a conference on how to protect the people. its to train those who work in the public can effectianly manage issues. he skipped over #9 but if u pause it at 4:53minutes..u will see that its basically for 911 operators..how to manage there functions...it says..."ensure that frequent , honest and relable information is realeased to the public"
this is not a conference for the goverment to control the population on a gross maner...its for people who work in hospitals, police , fire, schools , airlines, how to proptect themselves and others if a true pandemic does break out.

there are so many swine flu cases out right now..but people arent talking much about them because it was freaking people out..and is a different type of flu, but the same type of danger as the real flu...any city or state department of health has this info..

I'm one of those poeple who also doesnt trust everything the goverment does...and being good citizens of a free country we should question things...its our right and our responsibilty to our children.

but...the reason we probably didnt hear about this was because it was less about world control..and more about safety on a local level..

Anonymous said...

We walk a fine line between personal preference and the health of others when we consider not taking vaccines... Putting aside the conspiracy theories, as a nurse I feel strongly about parent's who were all vaccinated against very real and very serious diseases, choosing to not have their children vaccinated.
I feel this happens for a few reasons (outside of World Power conspiracy theories). The biggest reason I feel this happens is that the generation currently having children never saw what these diseases (man-made or not) can do to people, especially children. In our desire to "protect" our offspring from Government poisoning, we are putting them at a huge risk.

The occurrence of measles is on the rise; just an example. A perfectly preventable disease, but parents believe the disease to be "extinct" so they choose not to vaccinate... It is not extinct, and it does still infect, and children die from it...

The flue, swine or regular, is deadly. It may not harm you specifically, but when you get infected you put everyone around you at risk. And not everyone can combat a virus like the flu.

I am not trying to downplay your idea of world domination theories, it is totally feasible, but when it comes to the health of ourselves and our children, I plead for people to weigh their options properly.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I do agree with some of your points. I am not against all vaccination, but there are a lot of health and societal issues that make this more personal.
The number of vaccinations given to young babies has risen dramatically in the last 20 or so years. The incidence of allergies, asthma, and auto-immune disorders among children has also risen dramatically. I think that the immune systems of many children are being overwhelmed by the artificial stimuli.
I am in favor of using a delayed vaccination schedule, or forgoing some of them completely.
Chicken pox for example: The vaccination is only good for a number of years, which means adults who never contracted the disease will have to be re-immunized periodically throughout life. The disease is rarely ever fatal or even dangerous for most children.
Why is Hep. B given to babies at birth in the U.S? It is usually contracted as an STD.
There are also questionable ingredients in many of the vaccines. I don't agree with giving a vaccination that can cause worse side effects in a fairly high number than the disease itself. Flu vaccines have been proven basically ineffective in a number of studies.
I agree that the vaccinations for smallpox, polio, and other diseases are great medical advances that we should be thankful for. I just think we should be more careful about the chemicals that we inject into the bodies of young children.
If you want a good book on the subject, check out Dr. Sears' vaccine book.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the readin suggestion, I hope to get to it in the near future.
I am glad to see that you are not 100% against vaccination. I have to agree completely concerning chickenpox, but even the flu I am still a strong advocate for immunization despite its lack of a perfect success record.

One should wonder if the correlation of increased cases of asthma, autoimmune disorders and such are more related to environmental and diet issues rather than simply vaccines. I know many parents that prevent their children from proper immunization, but turn around and feed them a completely preserved diet of boxed foods, canned veggies and soda pop.
I try to look at other countries that have the same, aggressive immunization process and how it is affecting their children. It seems that the occurance of asthma and autoimmune disorders doesn't necessarily correlate with their programs. Worth taking a look at. Is it that our vaccines are different? I am not sure. There are so many possibilities. __Stephanie