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Monday, March 1, 2010

Fatwa Against Terrorism?

From the Jerusalem Post:
(no ad-hominem attacks based upon where I got the article will be tolerated in the comments. Be mature, and stick to the content of the article)

The Pakistani-born Dr. Qadri has authored an unprecedented, 600-page fatwa on why suicide bombings and terrorism are un-Islamic and scripturally forbidden. The ruling is the most comprehensive theological refutation of Islamist terrorism to date.

The fatwa will also be posted on the Internet and in English, making it readily accessible. It will also set an important precedent and allow other scholars to similarly condemn the ideas behind terrorism.

Dr. Qadri has used texts in the Koran and other Islamic writings to argue that suicide and other terrorist attacks are “absolutely against the teachings ofIslam” and that “Islam does not permit such acts on any excuse, reason or pretext.”

The fatwa condemns suicide bombers as destined for hell, refuting the claim used by Islamists that such terrorists will earn paradise after death."

So what do you guys think? Can such a fatwa be an effective step to eliminating suicide attacks in the name of Islam? 
I am somewhat skeptical of their effectiveness since there are still shiekhs that openly support suicide bombing.

I think it is important to support Sh. Qadri and others like him because they are trying to do something tangible to educate Muslims and change the face of Islam. We also need to support organizations that are providing education and support to Muslims in desperate economic situations. These people are the most likely to be indoctrinated to join extremist movements. 


Mama Kalila said...

How effective will it be? Who knows... but seriously it should have been done before. Its a step anyway, even if how big remains to be seen. & we can always hope right?

ellen557 said...

I don't think it will be very effective... even if it was done before, the people who carry out suicide bombings wouldn't have listened. I saw an interview yesterday with a *child* who was hoping to die in a suicide attack, so he has been pretty much brainwashed with this stuff all of his life. It's sad but I don't think a fatwa could stop him because he'd just dismiss the sheikh.

It's a very good concept, though. Maybe if it even just reaches one community then they will understand how to combat similar views held by people they may know.

Stephanie said...

This isn't new. Many well known and respected scholars and Islamic organizations have written fatwas condemning terrorism as unislamic. Obviousely, it hasn't worked thus far.

♥Tiffany Nicole♥ said...

I think it's a good idea for someone well respected to do it. Maybe out of respect some will listen but, like Ellen said..so many of them are brainwashed from the time they are small so?
All we can do is pray that G_d will speak to their hearts if they wont listen to anyone else.

NeverEver said...

To me, I don't think this fatwa is immediately directed at the terrorists. I think that those who are brainwashed are brainwashed and will just ignore it. as always, Allahu alem. If Allah doesn't change their hearts, nothing will, just like Tiffany said.

HOWEVER, I do think that this will go a long way in teaching NON-MUSLIMS what Muslims believe about terrorism. I think this is the real purpose of the fatwa.

ellen557 said...

NeverEver - "I do think that this will go a long way in teaching NON-MUSLIMS what Muslims believe about terrorism. I think this is the real purpose of the fatwa." Good point! I think that next to teaching those who commit terrorist acts, that is the next thing that is the most important.

DD said...

Although this a good step in changing Western perception of our faith, a lot of Muslims who take a more hard-line approach to Islam and a sceptical approach to the US are going to see this move as mere pandering to the West. I can just hear them now, labelling this shayk as one who is conspiring with the West or the Jews in destroying or watering down the deen.
I don't believe that this will eradicate suicide bombing or extremist interpretations of the faith one bit because, as you mentioned, usually it's the situation in their countries that force them into having such interpretations in the first place. Therefore, the situations in their countries need to change first. For, if Jewish or Christian invaders are killing your family and/or everyone around you and destroying your home, you're not going to be caring about a nice, peaceful tolerant interpretation of Islam.
Lastly, there must be a million different interpretations of Islam and individual Muslims always think theirs is the right one. Extremist Muslims are just going to brush this guy off as having a different interpretation to theirs so therefore the wrong one. Allahu Alaam.

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

The fact that it is so comprehensive could make it effective, but of course it won't stop all suicide bombings/terror acts. Still, it may reach a few Muslims who weren't sure about the status of terrorism in Islam (even though to many it's quite clear).

Wrestling said...

I think it will give Muslims more confidence in standing against terrorism, and it will support those who are speaking out against it and teaching kids and young people that it's wrong. That can only be a good thing.

And probably there are people who are inclined to radical views, but are unsure about whether these tactics are justified... in which case it might help convince them to go another route.

The Splendid Sky said...

The fatwa (because it is 600 pg big) and i guess must have covered a lot of areas, could be good for the non-muslim population in understanding why terrorism and suicide bombings in against everything that islam stands for..

But for the people who are to-be suicide bombers and terrorists, i don't think there would be much effect on them cuz they really really come form a different world where each of their atoms of the brain have been brainwashed!! But still, its our duty to whatever we can to produce and propagate such literature and ideas! and Taherul Qadri gets all the points for that!

Mashallah wanna read it soon! Inshallah he'll have a DVD out soon on it! :D

p.s- he's quite a good speaker!

Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...

The "fatwas" are not practical and serve very little purpose other than have "a feel good discussion for a few days" until another terror strike takes place. It won't deter the twenty year old virgin guy (Like Omar Mutallab) who lusts for female companionship and can't approach one, then takes the "sure way" and blows himself up and many innocents with him for a sure shot at 72 virgins.

Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists sure are Muslims and they're simply following the source; The Quran.

Read more..

Aurangzeb said...

Fahima! Just to inform you! This man has no credibility in the Islamic world. There is a very small group of Muslims (they call themselves Brailvis) to whom he (maulana tahir-ul-qadri) belongs and some of the most authentic groups of Muslims including Ahl-hadith (also known as Wahabi) don't even consider them (Brailvis) as Muslims. But this man in particular has no credibility too.

There can be no fatwa against jihad.

Aurangzeb said...

Terrorism is a way that some muslims are following which has nothing to do with Jihad, but the thing is that Terrorism is just a label attached to them. They're just homeless people fighting to get their homes back... tell me what will you do when someone forcefully force you out of your own home???

In short, Terrorists are the people whose goals may be right, but their way is wrong.

Wrestling said...

Er, not all terrorists are homeless people fighting to get their homes back. Britain for example has had a number of home-grown terrorists. But I agree that those Palestinians reacting to the Israeli oppression should not be thought of as terrorists. Unless we are prepared to also call Israel a terrorist.

Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...

My city has plenty of homeless people and none of them are terrorists, probably because they aren't reading the Quran - something essentially all terrorists have in common. Palestine, like the South African aparthied, is in an awful predicament. Mandela fought long and hard and won peacefully and with grace.

I've heard of countless excuses made regarding Islamic terrorists, however, the implication that homelessness leads to terror is a new one.

Aurangzeb said...

your people might be homeless because of poverty or some natural disaster. But these people are made homeless forcefully. There is a difference. What do you think America would do if we try to make them homeless forcefully??? They will fight. Is it because Americans are reading the Qur'an too???

Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...

No, Americans aren't reading the Quran - clearly a good thing.

However, the issue is Islamic terrorism in general and that it doesn't necessarily discriminate its victims including the Palestinians.

"..What do you think America would do if we try to make them homeless forcefully??? They will fight. Is it because Americans are reading the Qur'an too???!" - Still irrelevant to the issue of Islamic terror committed by Muslims under the spell of the Quran. That is a legitimate concern.

Frankly, even though I think the Quran is incredibly incomprehensible and inconsistent I wouldn't suggest that it is, to the extent that its followers do when asked a logical question concerning Islam and then resort to spewing pre-packaged set of mainly incoherent drivel with an alarming emotional mind state underneath.

Their behavior also exposes Islam by its sadistic affect on them either individually or collectively. For a religion to order its followers commit suicide is just beyond sadistic regardless of circumstances.

Maskaxda Xoree said...

The quran clearly says to kill anyone who is not muslim so if you follow the teaching of the quran you must support terrorism or you are not full muslim. Anyone who read the quran knows that terrorism is allowed and it is how Islam was spread when Mohamed was alive. Muslims should not lie to non muslims because Muslims really hate the non muslims and the quran teaches them to hate the non Muslims. Islam is very dangerous religion.