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Thursday, July 16, 2015

AlluringBody Nostril Pin

As I get older, I find that I care more about the quality of my jewelry. In the last few months I've gotten some nice older jewelry that belonged to my grandmother and great-grandmother, which made me think about the fact that I don't own any jewelry of value other than my wedding rings. I've had my nostril pierced for quite a few years now, and I'd been thinking about switching from a nostril screw to a nose bone or pin. The downside I've heard about these is that they can be difficult to remove because the ball at the end is a slightly larger gauge than the body of the pin. My old nostril screw was just a generic CZ in an 18 gauge stainless steel setting. It was ok, but I didn't like how high the bezel setting stuck up on my nose.

I had some other screws that were sterling silver, but I didn't like how quickly the metal became tarnished and was afraid that it would cause staining on my skin. I'm also completing a teaching degree this year and want to have something that looks professional and is of high quality and practical for basically all occasions. I decided that I was looking for a 20 gauge nostril pin in 14k white gold with a diamond setting, and came across Alluring Body. They have a lot of different gemstones and several sizes of colorless diamonds. The smallest is a 1.2mm "tiny diamond." I opted against this one because I have some large pores in my nose that are probably close to a 1.2 mm! The next size up is the 1.6mm "perfect diamond," which I think was a great choice for my situation. Granted, $85 is a lot to spend on a small piece of jewelry, but I love the idea that I can basically leave this in and not buy another for the foreseeable future. To be honest though, I'll probably be buying an emerald or a bigger diamond at some point.

Alluring Body is a small business, and I was really happy with the quick shipping. The packaging was also just beautiful.

As you can see, the nostril screw was HUGE compared to the pin. I was glad that I had an 18gauge in, the pin slipped right in, but now that it has sat for a couple of days, the pin is tight enough that there's no way it would fall out. I love the difference in feeling, I don't notice the pin at all, but sometimes the nostril screw would bother me because it took up so much space inside my nose!

Here's the final effect. I'm really happy with the size, its small, but sparkles enough that you can still notice it. The workmanship is what makes it worth the money in my opinion too. It has a prong setting, but I haven't had a cotton ball or towel get stuck to it, unlike my cheap prong settings from Claire's!


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog. Your nose ring looks beautiful on you! Your new one looks lovely and has much more sparkle than older ones in your photos. I've been wanting mine done for years.

I just can't seem to muster the courage...until reading your blog post, "AlluringBody Nostril Pin." Went to the Alluring Body web site. It was incredible as you stated. I confess now I'm in love with so many of their lovely nose studs. Your choice of the 1.6mm Perfect Diamond and its appearance was incredible in your nose.

Would love to hear how you had yours done, any suggestions or willingness to answer a few questions for advice and guidance to help me decide to go have it done.


Stacy K. said...

Thank you for the comment Angie. I got mine done at a really basic piercing shop, done with a needle and initial jewelry was a nostril screw. The only thing you want to watch out for is a place that would use a piercing gun, but very few would do that now. Just make sure that you are satisfied with the placement when the piercer marks it. Healing is pretty easy for most people. I did sea salt soaks. Sometimes people get a little bump near their piercing when its been healing for a few months (I did). If this happens, just put crushed aspirin mixed with water into a paste on it at night, and it will be gone within a week or two. If it comes back, repeat the aspirin paste periodically. You should definitely do it!