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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love my broccoli!

I think its so important to start little kids out eating a variety of food. We started Layla on a few solids around 6mos., then she got into eating more substantial amounts of food by 8mos. or so. I really never used pureed food except to mix with things or when we were traveling. As a result, she got used to textured and flavored foods right away. Her favorite food from 8-10 mos. or so was actually beans! They kept her system regulated for sure. She does have some food preferences, but only refuses to eat something if you've been making her eat it day after day. Right now she's like that with bananas. Tonight I made chicken and noodles and broccoli. She ate some chicken and noodles with her little fork, but surprised me with the broccoli. She has eaten it before, but went crazy for it this time. Together we ate an entire bowl just of broccoli. She definitely likes her meat and vegetables.

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