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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sorry no updates! Here's what we did in December. . .

So I know that no one probably ever looks at this blog anymore since I haven't updated in so long. For some reason I can't keep up with anything like this even though I'm online quite a bit. So here goes for my second try.
Layla and I have been pretty busy for the past few mos. In December we visited some friends in San Diego and went to a wedding.
Layla had a terrible night at the wedding for several reasons. The first of these was that I forgot her pacifier. The second was that the wedding started around 10 and lasted until 4am. Then there were the 3 nights of parties following that. She was a trooper and was great on both flights like she always is.

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Anonymous said...

Just to remind you hijab is a choice. But also a FULL TIME choice. What is the point of posting scarvless pictures. It's like having no scarf in public.