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Monday, January 4, 2010

I want to live here!

This is a video talking about a traditional Somali nomadic home, called an Aqal. He explains the materials that are used in its construction which are types of grass mats, sticks, and various animal skins. The Aqal is lightweight, keeps out wind and rain, and provides shade. Containers used by the nomadic family are also discussed. The old versions of the haan, a container used for milk or water, were made of grass so tightly woven that it could hold liquid.
He talks about how parts of the material culture are being lost, plastics and metal have replaced many of the traditional materials in construction. He explains about some of the different woods that are used and the individual characteristics of the different trees, and how they are useful..

I love watching this, but I am also heartbroken that so many Somalis in the young generation don't even care about their culture.


Jaz said...

Wow - wish I could understand the video, it looks really interesting!

Mina said...

Wow really!

Dini said...

You are more interested in Somali culture than I who was born there. If there was a stable government in Somalia and if I was the president, I would make you a citizen. I love that you like my country even with all the mess that is happening there now. I wish the situation was better so that you could see it in its best state.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

@Dini, waad ku madsantahay wixii aad dhahday. Runtii aad baan ugu jeclahay dhaqanka hore ee Soomaaliya. Hadii Eebbe idmo Soomaaliya waan arki doonaa.

Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...

Hiddaha iyo dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed waxay ka dhigan yihiin dariishad ballaqaysa ama iftiimineysa dunidii hore. Bini'aadigu wuxuu ka soo faafay Geeska Afrika, sidaas awgeed, nolosha geyigaasi waxay tibaaxaysaa dhaqammo hore. Hodantinnimada dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed waa sooyaal, sida sooyaalku u yahay dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Hodantinnimada dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed waa sooyaal, sida sooyaalku u yahay dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed.

The richness of the Somali culture is its history, just as the history itself is the Somali culture.

Did I translate that right?

I'm sure that Somalia has a rich archaeological history, but unfortunately very little of it has even been studied.

Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...
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Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...

Your translation is impeccable. You're right, not much is written about it primarily due to the fact that wherever Islam conquers it tends to erase the identity/culture/history/language of the people whose lands it conquered and replaces it with all things Arabic.

Strange prehistoric structures dot the Somali countryside and it's common to find ancient or buried cities in the remote areas from time to time. There are people who still worship Waaq and I think that opens a window into a whole world from another time in ancient human history. Waaq is of particular interest to me, as Waaq was prominent God in the land of the Gods.

The legendary singer Cumar Dhuule (passed away in 2000) mentioned Waaq in one of his songs from the 80s.

"..Waaq la'aan u baxay/oo cidlaan heehaabayaa"
Basically saying; I'm without Waaq/I'm lost/nowhere.