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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update: Somali Family

So, Leila and her family have been blessed by a lot of new friends and things for their house so far. My Layla and I have been over a few times bringing things for the kids and the kitchen and trying to help them get organized. I sincerely appreciate everyone's prayers and offers for more tangible help.

Last week I thought they might be getting overwhelmed with all the attention, so I left them alone for a few days. At this point Abdi, the dad, is trying to hold it all together himself. He doesn't seem super keen to have anyone come into his home and care for the kids, but they will definitely need some extra hands once the triplets come. They have most of the essentials they need for the kitchen, and that was the most immediate need with 6 kids in the house. The three older kids have been working hard to make things easier for their poor dad.

I am still trying to get them a nice vaccuum that doesn't cost too much, which is harder than I imagined. They also want some carpet protectors for the kids rooms, so they are easier to keep clean. Its basically a vinyl floorcovering like the pads people put under then computer chairs. We're not sure even where to buy them, so I need to do a little research this week.

Leila also told me to today that some other ladies were bringing some clothes for the kids tomorrow. I think that its one of the ESL volunteers who was going to ask for donations from her church friends. I also got some clothes for her husband and brother from another friend of mine.

And the good news?

She is 22 weeks into her pregnancy. Yep, she is a little further along that I was first told, which means that the babies are more likely to be viable with each day that passes. She seems to have a little more energy the past few days too! I am so excited and scared for her at the same time.

I will let everyone know about continuing needs as the babies' birth date gets closer and we see what is provided for them locally. They have nothing for the triplets so far, so that will be another big area of need once they're ready to be discharged from the hospital.

We are going to see them again tomorrow afternoon, so I'll post again if there are any exciting developments.


Nurul said...

Salam sister.
I hope that everything will get much much much better for them with the help from nice Muslim sisters and brothers like u :).
Allah will grant u Jannah for this. Ameen.

Banana Anne said...

Alhamdulillah, I am glad to hear that things are getting a little better for them. Insha'Allah things will continue to get better, especially in terms of Leila's health and the health of her triplets. May ALLAH reward you and everyone else who is helping them. It must be especially helpful/comforting to them that you can speak Somali. Has Layla picked up any yet? :)

Qumaayo said...

This is partly the blame of the US govt, the past few years they have been targeting Somali refugees in places like Kenya and bringing them to the US for a life of poverty in the worlds richest country. Its cruel, they should of left them in the camps where they had a family structure if anything like this happened.
I hope things get better for your friends iA.

Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...

Stacy; you're like everything Mohamed never was! You'd make a honorable prophet for the Muhamaddans whose idol was a killer. :-)

Qumaayo; all I can say is; WOW!

I know Islamists always like to blame the US - but even for helping the poor and the downtrodden? The US didn't "target" them, it brought them to a safe and secure place where they can make a life for themselves and away from desolute camp with no hope. Here, these people will be up on their feet in a few years and will have hope for themselves and their kids. Did all the escape you in your quest to find something to blame on the US?

I'm not an American nor do I live there but I can differentiate good and bad. :-)

Moving to a new country could always be ardous even for those who arrive with substantial amounts of money.

I'm really pleased to hear that the family's situation is improving already and I hope that it continues to improve for them. I guess the father's overprotectiveness stems from him not having much and trying to hold on to whatever little he has - his family.

Anonymous said...

To Ciyaalkaa Xaafadda,

First of all were not called Muhammedans. We worship Allah aka God. Second of all if you took a mere glimpse into the life of Prophet Mohamed SAW you would know he was not a killer. I'm sure a killer is one who encourages kindness, generosity towards widows and orphans, and taught us that superiority is only in the form of righteousness just to name a few. Yeah sure that is a killer (sarcastic tone). You seriously need to stop being so close minded. Being Somali and born/bred American I'm appreciative of both. My parents immigrated here so they can provide a better life for us and never have I questioned my loyalty to this country. I might not agree with everything our govt. does especially in terms of foreign policy, but I know I'm grateful for the opportunities I have here. I think its stupid and ignorant on your part to put us Muslims in the same category. We are all individuals for God's sake there is over billion of us...honestly you cannot think we all have the same mindset? Geesh. Anyways getting off that topic... I'm really happy this family is getting the help they need regardless of where its coming from. May Allah SWT bless you Stacy as well as all those people who are helping the family in there time of need.

Ciyaalka Xaafadda said...

I know the Quran and what you've been told about the man is simply not true. The Quran is my source of info regarding him. In the Quran, the good and the bad are lumped together as holy acts.

He WAS a killer and explained that "Allah" had ordered him to kill those who refused to accept him as a prophet. He was involved in more than 65 wars during his reign, during which, he took the nickname "prophet of doom" due to his insatiable hunger for blood and sex, his brutality, his lack of compassion and/or compromise, and, among others, his dominating nature.

Where do you think the term "Islamofascist" comes from? Why are the most pious culumma in the Islamic world so abrasive and violent? Why are they so oppressive to women? So hostile to non Muslims?

They're following their idol and mimicking his ways, hence, "Islam is a way of living and not just a religion." You should study the religion you subcribe to. You'll find out that you're not a Muslim since you live amongst the "kufar" and befriended them, work with them, study with them, have loyalty to them.

"O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." Holy Quran, 5:51

The Quran tells you that you can't live with them. In Islam, you may only do that under one condition; that it advances Muslims conquer the particular location, it's called "taqiya" and sanctions Muslims to lie for the religion under certain situations. Yep, I'm ignorant and closed minded.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

@Ciyaal, little off the topic of the original post, but maybe this is something we need to explore with the other readers. This verse is one that particularly bothers me in the Quran (5:51). Perhaps I will make a post about it later today.