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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lava Lamp nightlight

My dad had the greatest idea ever. Layla seems to be developing a fear of the dark, but the night light I tried was too bright and just encouraged her to wake up more. Since we have a couple lava lamps in the house, he suggested to use one of those as it would give her something to look at.
It really seems to work!

She screams when I first put her down, but then calms herself down right away. I think she must look at the lamp, then just zone out and go to sleep.
At this rate she'll be sleeping through the night any day. (I can hope right?)

In other news, the wisdom teeth are healing nicely, I can eat some normal food just as long as its not crunchy or has sharp edges. I am also only taking ibuprofen at night. During the day it's easy to keep myself distracted from the dull ache in my mouth.

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