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Friday, September 12, 2008

Tainted Chinese Formula!

Don't freak out just yet...This formula was not widely imported into the U.S., however it just demonstrates yet again how formula feeding will never be as safe and nutritious as breastfeeding is. Here is the link from CNN.
The formula was tainted with Melamine. This is the same chemical in the pet food that was recalled last year. I am so glad that I never had to even remotely consider feeding formula to Layla. Formula ingredients are specifically chosen so that the formulation can as closely resemble human milk as our knowledge allows. However, new compounds are being discovered in human milk all the time. Plus, formula is a processed food make in a factory in massive quantities. Thus, it can never be the same as human milk, which changes from day to day in response to a baby's own nutritional needs. After researching the topic extensively, I would only feed formula as a truly last resort.

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