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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks...

There has been a lot of chat about a blogger who has publicly left Islam. There have been a lot of people supporting her and showing her love, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

However, there have also been people leaving comments that will probably cement her reasons to leave Islam. 

She started a new YouTube channel and I noticed this comment on it:

User: HanbaliMuslim

ResulAllaah (alehi selam) said "kill the one that changes his religion"
so to the retarded Muslims who claim its only a personal choice and we should leave her alone.. ResulAllaah (As) commanded the killing of Apostates. you left islam because of your retarded dog? to hell with your dog. may allaah guide you or curse you! Amin

I don't even know how to respond to this, it just breaks my heart.

Basically, I will confidently say that any person who says things like this is not a worshiper of God. They are filled with anger and hatred, which do not come from God, because God is love.

May the God of peace bless you all, especially my dear sister KimDonesia


Banana Anne said...

Astaghfirullah. What a jerk. He has no right to say those things; how can he possibly know why she would choose not to follow Islam anymore? The decision is between her and ALLAH; I wish us humans would learn our place.

.::Tuttie::. said...

I agree with BA. Idiot.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I left this comment on his profile:

I can't believe the terrible comment you left on Kim's page. I pray that God gets ahold of you and gives you a new heart. Anyone who worships the true God wouldn't say words like that to another person.

He then said this on mine:
she is an apostate.. why do you feel bad for an apostate?
stand by everything i said.

This was my answer to him:
Wow, your heart is black HanbaliMuslim. God is love and you are hate. I pray for your forgiveness and reconciliation with your Creator. Amin.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Some people can only be changed by a radical encounter with God, but as long as you're alive there is a chance for repentance.

Banana Anne said...

Ameen! As long as we're alive, ALLAH always gives people second (and third, and fourth...) chances. Only ALLAH knows what's in our hearts and what we will do. Period.

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I love what you said to him Stacy: God is love and you are hate. Amen.
Like you said, the negative comments will probably just reaffirm her decision. Sad.

caraboska said...

Stacy, I have become her fan on Facebook, but please, do tell, where is her new YouTube channel? I have wanted to leave some message of support, but I haven't found a forum I was convinced would be the right one...

It is a matter of public knowledge that Kimdonesia lost a beautiful member of her family (a member of the canine species as well) on her 18th birthday. And that her other dog was in terrible mourning as well. And here Islam would command her to tell this dog it must sleep alone outside, without anyone to comfort it?

I don't know if you read the blog Ink Blots and Blue Abayas, but recently there was a post on Hounds and Hadith. I will take the liberty of reprinting a comment I made there in this space, as I think it is relevant:

The nice thing about the Bible, in particular the New Testament, is that it clearly teaches that no physical factor outside of us can make us ritually or spiritually unclean. Only the evil content of our heart, as well as any evil deeds that may arise from same, can make us unclean. Which means that we can have any animals we like at home. And even say our prayers with that animal lying in our lap.

I will not believe that an animal is unclean which keeps God's commandments better than any human I know - is completely, impartially loving of all people, even to the point of showing that love to the one who holds the keys to the food closet so to speak, even when the food is not forthcoming. My cat has actually done this for me - he may be yowling with hunger, but if I don't react, he'll come and see why I'm not getting up from the couch to feed him. And if it's because I have a splitting headache and am in too much pain to do anything but lie there and hope the pain goes away soon, he will forget his hunger. He will lie down next to me and keep me company until I feel better. I am 100% sure that if he were able to fix food for us, that he would even fix food for me and bring to me - and then fix some for himself and his feline companion. But since he can't do that, he does what he can - and I am 110% sure the Lord will reward him handsomely for it.

Just like I am sure He will reward handsomely the cats of a certain old lady who were found lying on top of her, keeping her warm when she fell on an icy sidewalk in front of her house and couldn't get up. By the time the police found her, it was evident they had literally saved her life by doing so.

And I am sure he will also handsomely reward the dog that risks its own life to save a drowning child, or a person who is caught in an avalanche in the mountains.

These animals are clear evidence of what Muslims call fitra - that natural, inborn sense of what is right. They very clearly have that fitra. Indeed, in those situations where they take specific actions to comfort or save lives, they not only are no barrier to the presence of angels - they are themselves angels. Ones sent by God to accomplish that task. And I will not believe they can be unclean, no matter how much fur they leave on my clothes :)

caraboska said...

PS I would say to that Hanbali whatever his name is, 'You come and talk to us about religion when you are living more righteously - more impartially loving of all persons, regardless of whether they meet your expectations or desires - than these animals I have mentioned here.'

caraboska said...

PPS I found her new YouTube channel:


Organica said...

The comment disgusts me.

But where in the Quran does it say dogs are prohibited? I would read up on Abou El Fadl. His theory is that the Plague was outbreaking in Arabia, so they murdered all the dogs because they believed them to be the source.

I honestly think it's a cultural thing. I keep a dog!

Susanne said...

What a terrible thing to say. I'm glad you confronted him, Stacy. I don't know why people just don't let others make their own choices re: spiritual beliefs without having to be so judgmental. It's one thing to be concerned, but quite another to refer to people the way this black-hearted guy did. :(

I'll be praying for Kim.

caraboska said...

Organica, That's the whole point - there is no verse in the Qur'an that dogs are forbidden. It's in the hadith only. And the whole point of that thread about Hounds and Hadith was, among other things, in what measure should we pay attention to hadith when we are studying the Qur'an - what to do with hadith that appear to contradict the Qur'an?

Candice said...

What a disgusting comment to leave! I am so surprised and shocked by her leaving Islam... Like VERY! But it is her choice... I haven't had a chance to watch the video so I have no idea where it all came from, but I just wish her the best either way. I hope people stop leaving terrible comments...

♥Tiffany Nicole♥ said...

Oh Stacy I love what you said
"Some people can only be changed by a radical encounter with God, but as long as you're alive there is a chance for repentance."

Thats so true because that encounter with G*d can show you the direction He wants you to go in.
May G*d guide her to where she needs to be & what she needs to do.

Aynur said...

Whenever someone says "dogs are prohibited in Islam" I say that according to the Maliki school of thought, they're not. So that statement is false.

Anonymous said...

I'm just sad that anyone would give up the possibility of Jannah.
Allahu Alim.

marie said...

Saying I renounce Islam is saying I renounce my shahada.
The shahada is pretty simple.
If the death of her dog make her leave Islam, honestly, what was Islam to her?
Her mom commented on a video once that Kim goes through such phases and that she first thought Islam was one of them,but it was lasting a little longer..Her mom knows her well.

I feel sad, because ,no one should like or dislike Islam because of muslims,we don't judge a car by its driver.Islam is a perfect religion,muslim are just humans,far from perfection.

Be always cautious when someone writes a disclaimer on some of their blogs,saying I know this is haram,but I don't want your comments,I choose to do it anyway!!!

Islam teaches us to cover our sins,not o make them public hence acceptable.

These teenagers are just that,teenagers,why would anyone idolize them.
Allah is the one who you submit too.
It is sad that on her video she goes on saying that she even doubt the existence of God,and never really felt a closeness to Allah.
So why all the hypocrisy?
Just shaytan's tool.

GTFrenzy said...

subhanAllah, it always sad and disturbing to see the hate that comes out of some Muslim.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

@marie, i don't think that having doubts about something is hypocrisy or necessarily a sin. We all will have doubts at various times in our lives. She just decided to be open about it rather than just pretending that everything was ok.

Odna said...

Hi, Stacy! Thanks for the post! I was sad as I came back from school today and found out Kimi killed her recent blog and youtube account. I was very sad, but I understand her. She was planning to leave quietly, nobody let her and then when she was honest an army came against her. Of course there was us the supporters. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. I was happy she was back blogging, we would keep seeing her lovely personality. Sadly, it is not the case.
I'm sad at people like these who make Islam look bad. I found by accident a website that really annoyed me talking about Kim. She didn't leave Islam because of her dog... how can people be so simplistic? She even left it pretty clear on her video. And I don't think she was disrespectful towards Islam and Muslims, she said nothing of a kind. She only expressed some faith concerns. It was nothing like those crazy youtube 'I left Islam" videos. It was very honest and sincere and I'm so annoyed at people... how can they be so terrible?

I'm sorry, Stacy, I'm just so angry and sad, I wrote too much... but I never thought people would react this way. In my mind, religious people should be understanding, caring and loving.

muslim convert / revert said...

totally agree these people really dishearten me and unfortunely show islam in a bad light:(
People see it fit to swear and curse at them whilst theyre calling themselves muslims....

Anonymous said...

Don't u think that maybe just maybe the people who write these comments, and the vile and pornographic comments that came after that one on Kimdonesia's ''new'' youtube page are out to 1. get attention and 2. create trouble?

I always think that when I see comments like those ones. So what do people do? - argue with them, complain to them, give them tons of attention etc. I think that we play right into their hands.

Also I'd like to point out that Kimdonesia herself could have decided not to start a new blog and a new youtube account for even a short while to let all the talk die down. But she didn't.

She could have changed the youtube settings so that every nut job on youtube wasn't able to leave inappropriate comments there for all to read. But she didn't.

Anonymous said...

it seems that she even deleted her new youtube account to. Probably because of death threats & immature comments that i have seen yesterday...

this is ridiculous.
Why can't people accept her decision and just leave her alone. I was even attacked yestday because i had confronted one of them
Why is it so easy for people to be disrespectful, rude & intolerant , but it is so hard for people to be nice & kind?
That is what is wrong with humanity today.

Anonymous said...

& another thing i hate is how people are making videos about her leaving..

She didn't leave islam because of her dog.
Her dog's death made her think about her religion & why exactly she followed islam.

People just need to accept her decision. IT IS HER LIFE, NOT OURS!

Susanne said...

Don't people realize by now that death threats and hateful comments are *not* the way to assure us of your religion of peace? Whatever happened to the ol' "no compulsion in religion" thing Muslims like to quote to show their tolerance? Don't compel Kim to believe one way or another. It's her decision, her choice. No need to get all nasty about it. Thankfully there are a lot of kind, supportive people out there, but still. . . Besides isn't GOD the one who draws people to Himself? I'm sure He can deal with Kim just fine. I'm thinking maybe He will show some of that mercy and compassion He is famous for.

Stacy, I like your new "about me" picture. :)

caraboska said...

Yes, apparently she has deleted the new blog as well. What a shame. I didn't even get a chance to write any message of support on the blog because it didn't have the Name/URL option... I think she reads Ange's blog - Mom I Married a Masri - so I guess at least we can look there...

Odna said...

Yes, Susanne, as I said in my blog, people make things about them. It's not about them. It's about her. I totally agree with you.

Mama Kalila said...


Comp off topic but you won a blog award at my site.

R.A.~ said...

amen sister. This is truly depressing to see people who claim to love God with every ounce of their hearts threaten others.

may God guide them & forgive them

desertmonsoon said...

Sadly, I don't think that the people writing those hateful things are just trying to get attention or make trouble. I think they actually feel that way. Living in the middle east as I do I have met many an otherwise normal Arab Muslim - usually male - who will become venomous when talking about apostates, they seem almost threatened by the idea of them. I don't understand it really. Many even call Obama an apostate and say similar things about him and the poor guy was abandoned by his father as child, so why should he even grow up to follow his father's religion?

Personally, people who are so violently judgmental scare the heck out of me.

I like what you said to him Stacey and I agree, no Loving God would be so vengeful as to want his followers to kill someone for leaving his path - wouldn't that then negate any chance of their ever returning to it? It doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

When we stop to think about, and reflect on the comments made in this situation, does anyone notice a trend? I do.

Men tend to be violent and absolute in their judgemental criticism. They are outspoken, and choose to highlight scripture and hadith that support their tendancies while minimalizing or ignoring glorious scripture from the holy books that may shed a different light on their opinions.

Women tend to be forgiving and supportive in their still judgemental, but less volitile criticism. Even the women that may personally support a more abrassive approach to such problems, choose to keep their opinions to themselves, and voice only their desire of hope and resolution for the situation. Women will highlight glorious hadith and scripture that sheds light on love, tolerance, forgiveness and the hope of second chances en while knowing that the truth still stands and may have a different outcome.

So, when you wonder why some fellow followers of God would be so ill in their intent, I beg of you to ask yourself "who made this comment?" and then reflect on it. For me, the opinions and comments of men tend to weigh much less than those of my fellow sisters. (with the exception of my husband and a few select individuals). This is my personal choice, for I consciously choose not to be violent, mean, abrassive, and absolute. Everyone is different. ____Stephanie

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry about the poor spelling, I was typing like a maniac.... ___Stephanie