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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Portland here we come!

So we have now been back from our whirlwind trip for a couple days. Actually, its taken us most of that time to catch up on sleep. We are also still staying up too late and getting up too late due to the time change. Layla is enjoying being back home and not having to be in the stroller for the entire day.

As soon as we drove into Portland on Thursday, I knew that it was right for us. Portland reminded me of Minneapolis and is similar in size to Minneapolis and St Paul put together. The city was really clean, had lots of stuff to do, and also struck me as being quite family friendly. I think my sis was getting annoyed with all the little kids almost everywhere we went. Being stuck sleeping with Layla for an entire week will do that to almost anyone.

When compared to Seattle, Portland was much more manageable. I realized when we were in Seattle that if we ever wanted to buy a house, we would have to either settle for a condo or be willing to live like an hour outside the city. That's not ideal for either the husband or myself. Portland has plenty of single family houses in the city, and overall prices are manageable. We're planning to get a place that needs minor updates, and do them as money allows. We are also not above buying a house in Vancouver if we find something really great.

I also don't imagine that we'll have too much trouble finding jobs there. Now I am just so excited about moving that I can hardly contain myself. No more 6 mos. of winter for me!

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